Contemplative blues and funk.
Let me take you for a ride, through our world, ourselves and to the sun.

When I was but a young musician I discovered the joy of playing together.
Now that I am “old” I want to play with the world.

For now I recorded volume #1 solo, and even though it’s a good recording I am still not pleased with the result. So I will re-record that one. I have enough material to fill two more albums.

The dream

So here is the dream. My music is simple my lyrics are layered and complex.
If you like my work you can do with it what you want as long as you mention me as source.
My music is free as music should be.

I want to make one album Called: Just Thoughts.
Every album shall feature 7 poems that introduce 7 songs.
At this moment I have about 21 songs so I can fill another two volumes.
Just Thoughts will span over multiple volumes, for now there is just volume #1 solo.
I would also like to record the same album with a bass guitarist and percussionist which I will call: Band
And an over produced version with an orchestra and a choir which I will call: Orchestral
And, if possible, I would like to have a version compiled of the best covers of my songs called: Cover.

These are all the projects in a nice matrix.

Just thoughtsSoloBandOrchestralCover
Vol #1Demo
Vol #2Record
Vol #3
Just A project

Want to hear more?

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